Message from Major General Obaid Mohair Bin Surour, Chairman of the Permanent Committee of Labour Affairs in Dubai and Deputy Director of the General Directorate for Residency and Foreigners Affairs, Taqdeer award  Chairman

Taqdeer Award is simple, its methods practical and goals achievable. This unique initiative, named after the Arabic word for appreciation, recognises and rewards the companies that have championed the best working conditions and quality of life for their workforce. Building on the enormous progress that has already been made in labour relations, this is a new opportunity to ensure Dubai maintains its place as the home to the leading employers in the Middle East in terms of labour welfare.

In acknowledging the construction industry and its workers who have played a vital role in supporting Dubai’s dynamic growth, Taqdeer award-winning companies can take pride in the knowledge that they not only meet the global values and standards set by world-class institutions but also represent Dubai’s most progressive and influential employers.In any company, the workers’ welfare should be of paramount importance and greater satisfaction, ultimately leading to greater productivity.

To be recognised as a leader in the field of labour relations is not merely a badge of honour, it provides a real competitive advantage in terms of international business opportunities.Although the Taqdeer Award is designed to inspire excellence and set new standards for Dubai businesses, it is also a shining example of the Emirate’s pioneering initiatives across the broad spectrum of socio-economic domains and a reflection of its global business standing and excellence