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  • Making Dubai the most labour-friendly city in the world
  • Positioning the UAE as a leader in employee welfare
  • Raising standards and the protection of labour rights
  • Strengthening relationships between companies and their workforce
  • Enhancing workers’ quality of life and prosperity
  • Recognising free zone, construction, manufacturing and service sector companies for their efforts towards staff welfare
  • Increasing labour productivity and enhancing quality
  • Encouraging peer companies to achieve the award’s criteria
  • Providing independent feedback to participating companies to improve employee welfare initiatives and practices
  • Providing opportunities for participating companies to benchmark their performance against award winning companies
  • Spreading a culture of excellence in labour affairs management


  • Taqdeer Primary Award
  • Taqdeer Criteria Award
  • Taqdeer Primary Award

All qualifying companies (construction, free zone, manufacturing and service sectors) in Dubai, regardless of their classification, specialisation, or nationality, can participate.

No. Type Achieved Scores Results
1 5 stars 700+ 3 years
2 4 stars 550-699 2 years
3 3 stars 400-549 2 years
4 2 stars 300-399 2 years
5 1 star 200-299 1 year

In addition to the mainTaqdeer Award, the Award committee will select three winners based on the highest scores in each of the three main criteria:

No. Criteria Awards
1 Best Score – Criteria 1: Essential Fundamentals
2 Best Score – Criteria 2: Culture and Work Environment
3 Best Score – Criteria 3: Labour Results

The Taqdeer Award committee recognises distinguished Engineers, Field Supervisors and Labourers, as nominated by their award-winning companies. Only companies who have achieved three, four or five stars can submit nominations, as per the below:
Stars are awarded as follows:

No. Individual Awards 5 Stars 4 Stars 3 Stars
1 Distinguished Engineer 1
2 Distinguished Field Supervisor 1 1
3 Distinguished Labourer 1 1 1


To view a detailed description of the Taqdeer Award criteria, please click this link.

  • Award Application Requirements
  • Application Procedures
General Conditions

• Meeting all award criteria
• Providing supporting, documented evidence
• Undertaking robust business practices
• Demonstrating a commitment to labour care
• Adhering to strong values, ethics and principles
• Not apply for another award at the same time as Taqdeer.
• Obeying UAE and international labour laws and regulations

Special Conditions

• Must be a company in the construction, free zone, manufacturing and service sectors.
• Must hold a valid business license in Dubai.
• License must be issued by the relevant government and/or free zone authorities in its sector.
• Must have a minimum of 100 labour staff, sponsored by the company and on its direct payroll.
• Must have been operating for two years or more.
• Must have executed at least two projects during the past two years using their own workforce.
• Companies registered in Dubai with staff accommodation in other Emirates can participate.
• Companies who rely onemploying subcontractors are exempt from participating.
• Must have no violations of UAE labour laws.
• Must have no employees working in Taqdeer Award administration or part of the committee.
• Companies already having been awarded five stars at the Taqdeer Award must wait two year before reapplying.
• Must fulfil all award submission requirements and deadlines.

Stage 1 – Request to Participate in the Award

1- Authorised company representative logs in to the Taqdeer Award website.
2- Complete an initial online application form and attach the required documents (max 2 MB).
3- Applicants may review the nomination process prior to filling out the initial application form.
4- Upon registration, applicants will receive a reference number (user name and password).
5- An initial application cannot be amended following submission.

Stage 2 – Application Submission
  • 1. Application and supporting documents should be submitted online through the TaqdeerAward website:
  • 2. Documents can be submitted in Arabic or English.
  • 3. All criteria should be met and each sub-criteria should not exceed 250 words.
  • 4. Any font type can be used in size 14.
  • 5. Three supporting documents can be submitted for each sub-criteria.
  • 6. All submission documents should be forwarded to the Award office on a CD, andinclude:
    • Main submission document (PDF)
    • Initial application form (PDF)
    • Attachments and high resolution photos (JPEG) e.g.
      • Valid trade license
      • Company logo
      • Organisational structure
      • Names of the company leadership team
      • Company profile and brief descriptions of completed projects
      • Any marketing or promotional material
      • Name and contact details of an authorised company representative
      • Full address and location map of the company’s main office
Stage 3 – Submitting Application by Post

All applications and accompanying documents must also be submitted to the Secretary General at the following address:
Secretary General Taqdeer Award Office
P.O.Box: 117444
Tel: +971 4 7075005
Fax: +971 4 5011500
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
[email protected]


To view a detailed description of the Taqdeer Award criteria, please click this link.
Assessment and judging key principles include:
  • Compliance with award values, framework and criteria, rules and regulations governing the award process, and always guided by the award professional code of conduct;
  • Commitment to a fair assessment process, without favouring any company for any reason;
  • Undertake judging duties fairly and honestly, regardless of the nationalities of the participating company or its workforce;
  • All assessment and judging decisions are made by consensus and based on facts and objective evidence;
  • Confidentiality of data, sensitive information and non-disclosure of information submitted;
  • Demonstrating values such as honesty, fairness and respect, and showing no favouritism as part of the assessment and judging process;
  • Ensuring open discussion and non-discrimination against any group, religion or nationality.
The Process
Award submissions are processed either electronically or manually and according to the following:
  • Every member of the assessment team signs a letter of confidentiality;
  • Assessment teams are formed from independent and qualified TaqdeerAward assessors. Each team consists of one team leader and two assessors;
  • Every assessment team receives a specific number of applications;
  • All supporting documentationis reviewed prior to calculating the initial score;
  • Nomember of the assessment team can review an application if they know or are related to a member of the company’s management;
  • Each application is reviewed in isolation so that assessors cannot share views or exchanging information about scores;
  • The assessment sheet shall be used manually or electronically;
  • Assessment Stages
  • Assessment Steps
  • General Rules
  • Awards Ceremony
  • Intellectual Rights
1 – Preparation Stage

During this stage, a meeting takes place between the Secretary General and the Award Technical Consultant to review and update assessment criteria, templates and, if required, updates will be made.

Upon receiving submissions and supporting documentation, The Taqdeer Award management office will verify that submissions comply with Award requirements and UAE laws and regulations. Any incomplete submissions, or those that are rejected, will be presentedto the judging committee.

2 – Assessors Training

Training is given to all assessors to ensure they are familiar with the Award framework, criteria, templates and how to process electronic submissions.

3 – Assessment Process

Submissionsare distributed to all assessors by the Award Administrator, with scoresgiven by every individual assessor (each submission is assessed by three assessors independently). The Assessment Team Leader meets team members to discuss individual scores to reachan agreement on the final, overall score. Assessors identifyareas where participating companies are strong, as well as ones in need of improvement, including comments andother issues requiring clarification during site visits to the shortlisted companies.

4 – Site Visits

The Assessment Team Leader presents the results to the Secretary General in order to shortlist companies for site visits.

5 – Site Visits

During a site visit, assessment team members have the right to request further supporting documentation.

6 – Final Result

Once a site visit has been completed, the assessment team meets with the team leader to review results and compare with the initial assessment results. Final scores are then calculated and uploaded to the Taqdeer Award online system.

eceipt of applications. Award Administrators
Assessment of applications Assessment Team
Agreeing on strengths, areas for improvement and initial score Assessment Team
Reviewing assessment results and shortlisting companies for site visits Secretary General
Conducting site visits and upload the final scores and reports Assessment Team
Review of final reports and scores with technical advisor and subsequently forwarding to the Judging Committee Secretary General
subsequently forwarding to the Judging Committee Judging Committee
Approval of final results, scores and stars forwarded to the Chairman Chairman
Approval of final results, scores and stars forwarded to the Chairman Secretary General
General Rules

• All enquiries or complaints should be forwarded to the Award Secretary General

• The Award Committee’s decisions are final

• Winners must attend the award ceremony, unless previously agreed with the Award Management

• The Award Management reserves the right to:

– Withhold an award

– Withdraw an award based on evidence of non-compliance of the rules

Awards Ceremony

• An official award ceremony will be held to announce all winners.
• The date and location will be confirmed by the Award Management.
• The Award Management will invite local, Arab and international dignitaries to the ceremony.
• Awards will be presented to companies who achieved the highest score in each of the three primary categories.
• An award trophy and certificate will be presented to all winning companies.
• A certificate of appreciation will be issued for each participating company.
• The Award Management will also issue certificates to individual labourers and engineers nominated by the winning companies.

Intellectual Rights

• Dubai government holds the sole rights over the name, logo, website content, documents and certifications of the Taqdeer Award. Prior written permission is required to use any of the above.
• Shortlisted companies or award winners are solely responsible for the protection of their own intellectual property in the case of any disagreements with any third party.
• The Award Office has the right to use the winning submissions for the future promotion of the Award.
• All submission documents will be retained by the Award Management.
• The Award Management will not undertake any legal or financial responsibility, except for those stated in the guidebook.



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